Monday, September 20, 2010

A Little Rearranging

One of the draw backs of having two home businesses operating in the same home is space constraints. My office and jewelry making area is actually in what *should* be the dining room area. I've recently cut a couch out of my office to make a baby barrier in the living room for our soon to be crawling 4 month old. Can you tell she's getting quite mobile?

With the couch out of my office, this brings up the thought that maybe I now have room for a mini dining area or one of these types of bistro sets in my office. I do love rearranging! Speaking of which, my friend just called with the thought that I should start again to sell online my intentional jewelry combinations. These are combinations made with the metaphysical properties of the stones in mind. Something to ponder. I may have to add another section to my Etsy shop. Below is one of my necklaces with stones for increasing energy and reducing pain. I used to sell these in my Chinese Therapeutics online store. Hmm.. what do you think?

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