Monday, November 1, 2010

South Beach Miami and Coral Castle Videos

My family and I recently took a vacation to South Beach, Miami and Homestead, Florida. The final destination was The Coral Castle. While we were there we took some video footage. My husband made these youtube videos with the footage. The first is a music video with footage from Miami and Parts of the Coral Castle. I wish Scott would have added more video or stills from the other stones in the castle, but it is still pretty cool. In the second video Scott narrates as I ask questions about the equipment we found in the castle. Ed Leedskalnin, builder of the megalithic castle, is purported to have covered up the equipment when visitors were present. Scott has some pretty good ideas as to how the castle was constructed using magnetic flux.

Hope you like the videos. I promise to list some more jewelry soon. I have some lovely destash amber and semiprecious stone necklaces. Here are a couple I recently photgraphed.

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